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Persoane disparute: Char Caterina

Char Caterina s-a nascut la data de 02.11.1987 in Ucraina si are domiciliul in comuna Izvoarele Sucevei, Judetul Suceava.

Semnalmente: inaltime 1.60-1.65 M, robusta, par negru, fata ovala, ten deschis, ochi caprui – lipsa dentitie in partea din fata, cicatrice pe un membru inferior.

La 24.11.2010 a plecat de la resedinta si nu a mai revenit. Nu cunoaste limba romana. Frecventeaza lacasele de cult.

Vezi toate știrile în timp real și pe telefonul tău mobil:

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  1. Tracy spune:

    If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach entmihtengenl.

  2. The point is that they support the people who are doing the displacing, dispossessing, disrespecting, and trampling, and I think Christians for the most part understand what the Jews are doing to us, yet continue to effectively worship them as "God's chosen" anyway.I've never seen any evidence of this. Not a single Christian Zionist I know has the slightest clue.

  3. http://www./ spune:

    Kristy Pandora Greczkowski / JUST READ THE COMMENTS FROM EVERYONE! GOOD IDEA TO REMOVE THIS CONFLICT FROM THE STATE OF RI! Celebrate faith in churches and homes not public! Happy Holidays!

  4. http://www./ spune:

    You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.

  5. http://www./ spune:

    Wow. It really is wonderful to know that others out there are experimenting with these things, and flirting with the notion with change. I am curious to know what you decide, so keep me (and all of us) posted. I have no idea what I will decide come January, but I guess I have time to think (and over-think) about it, right? Thanks for another thoughtful comment, Karin!

  6. Wow. Who ever thought of that zoning thing? That is brilliant. I think Mike describes a farm community that is very much diverse. And Marty and Pete both are in diverse farm areas. Mike … my question is this: are most farming communities diverse? I think people like me and Grant, driving through Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, just don’t see diverse farm communities. And that is scary.

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  8. très joli parc, dommage que ce soit aussi loin car ça m’a vraiment donné envie d’aller voir. Peut être qu’un jour, pendant mes vacances, j’en profiterais pour y faire un tour parc animalier Articles récents..

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    That insight’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

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